Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stampin' Up! Holiday Mini 3D ornament tutorial

I wanted to make this ornament off the cover of the SU! Holiday Mini the first time I saw it.  I looked around for a tutorial, but didn't find one that worked for me so I made my own.  I hope that you enjoy it!  The SU! ornament looks like it's one-sided, but I wanted something that was 3D all the way around so that I could hang it without a backside.

Okay, to start with you need: 

30 of the large Lucky Limeade ornaments -- 6 per ornament; 5 assembled ornaments
30 of the small Cherry Cobbler ornaments -- 3 per ornament; 10 assembled ornaments
10 6" lengths of linen thread 
20 3" pieces of Cherry Cobbler tulle
2 2" strips from the Candlelight Christmas dsp
2 large "crystal" buttons
2 jumbo pearls
liquid glue
hot glue gun
silicon craft mat
Lucky Limeade and Cherry Cobbler ink
Ornament Framelits
Ornament Keepsakes set
Vanilla cs and Candlelight Christmas dsp

Assemble all 5 of the Lucky Limeade ornaments and all 10 of the Cherry Cobbler, using liquid glue.  Sorry, but I didn't take photos of the finished ornaments before I started gluing my fingers together with hot glue.  The Lucky Limeade ornaments are 360 3D; the Cherry Cobbler ones are 180 3D, i.e. they lay flat on your work surface.With hot glue, attach the 5 Lucky Limeade ornaments together by their ends.

Taking the pieces of tulle, fold them in half so that the scalloped edges 
are together, then softly roll the tulle into a cone. Hot glue each cone into the "side" compartments of each ornament (the front compartment will be empty).

Put a dot of hot glue on the silicon pad.  Take one 6" piece of linen thread, wrap it so that it forms 2 loops, then press the ends of the loops (with the cut ends) into the hot glue.  Repeat with the other pieces.  Peel each set of loops off the silicon and glue into each of the open compartments.

Taking your 2" strip of dsp, run it through the Big Shot using the Rosette die on the picket fence side.  Trim it so that it's 1" wide.  Fold on the score lines and turn into a rosette.  It helped to put a big dot of hot glue on the silicon mat and press the rosette into it until it cools/holds.

Add the large cut crystal button and the jumbo pearl to the top of the rosette, then adhere the rosette to the ornament body.

Put hot glue all over the end of each Cherry Cobbler ornament and insert between the Lucky Limeade ornaments, but under the rosette.  Rinse/repeat for the other side.  Add another double loop of linen thread for a hanger.

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